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Wheat Ridge Area Midget Football would like to introduce our coaches.


7 year olds:  Lee Dimick

8 year olds: Jerry Cardin

9 year olds: (Division 1)  TBA

9 year olds: (Division 2)  Pat Rogers

9 year olds: (Division 2) TBA

10 year olds: (Division 1)  TBA

10 year olds: (Division 2)  David Holland
11 Year olds: (Division 1) Scott Wall

11 Year olds: (Division 2) TBA

12 year olds: (Division 2)  Kenny Haines
   Coach Haines graduated from Wheat Ridge High school in 1996. He played Quarterback for three years and won  a State Championship in 1995. Coach Haines also played baseball for four years at first base.
   This will be Kenny' 5 year with his Bulldogs. They played in the State Championship for two years. They finished in the top three with 2-1 both times.The Farmer Bowl they finished third, 2-1 also.
   Prior to becoming a Head Coach he assisted in Wheat Ridge under Max Rueth for 2 seasons and Tom Gee Sr. for three, including the Carnation Bowl.
   Philosphy: Good work ethic + commitment + desire = Discipline
Good work ethic + commitment + desire + commitment to excellence + team work + team spirit =CHAMPIONS!

12 Year Olds: (Division 1) Todd Land
Seniors: (Division 1)  Fred Marvel

Seniors: (Division 2)  Gale McGee