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Wheat Ridge Area Midget Football  welcomes all players/parent comments . We thrive each season to improve our program and all  input helps us to do so.
We would like all participants/parents to follow these guidelines when questions, concerns or problems may arise. We encourage you to do this in a professional manner, off the field and away from players.
Please keep in mind that all coaches, managers, moms and board of directors are volunteers.

1. Please contact your Team Manager, your manager works as a mediator.
2. If the team manager was unable to help, contact your head coach, call him at home or ask him to stay a few minutes after practice.
3. If the head coach was unable to help, contact your team coordinator. (He/she will be at your first team meeting, you may also ask your team manager or e-mail and the information will be passed onto you)
4. If you are still having concerns please contact the Wheat Ridge President: Dave Thies @ (303) 424-9811 or Vice President: Kenny Haines @ (303) 202-5876.

We also encourage all participants/parents to read all the rules written in your schedule book that you will receive at weigh-ins.